Tech’s Resolution Diminution

As we end the third week of February, it appears that few Tech students have broken their New Year’s resolutions. The reason is likely not due to the discipline and maturity of Tech students, but rather the fact that few students have actually made resolutions. Various students provide different reasons for not partaking in the New Year’s tradition, but most explanations stem from the idea that New Year’s resolutions simply aren’t useful.

Nelson Lin ’18 is one such student who did not make any resolutions this year, saying, “It’s meaningless.”

Even among students who did make resolutions, most seem to share a common view of them and only set casual goals. Says Nancy Lo ’15, whose goal is to gain ten pounds, “They’re probably beneficial, but I’m super lazy and don’t know how I’m gonna do it.”

Chloe So ’16 has a similar laid-back attitude towards resolutions and keeping them. Her resolution is to be generally cooler. On achieving this goal, So says, “I would have to wear sunglasses everywhere, but I don’t have sunglasses, so that’s a problem.”

Some students chose not to make resolutions at all not out of indifference, but because of potential disappointment in failure. Says Audrey Kastner ’16, “A, They are rather depressing. B, I never achieve them, so the depression exponentially increases as the year progresses.”

Aylin Perez ’16 also feels that she would not have kept up with any resolutions. Her views on the subject, however, are more optimistic than most. Says Perez, “I didn’t see the point, considering that I wouldn’t accomplish most of them. I would rather reflect on the previous year and celebrate what I have accomplished.”

It’s possible that New Year’s resolutions are simply a declining trend, or easy to forget, particularly considering the heavy workload most students have. It’s also possible that students are reluctant to set themselves up for failure, especially since New Year’s resolutions have a reputation for being abandoned quickly. Disappointment at times seems inevitable.

As Kastner says about the disappointment resolutions create, “Even though I didn’t make any, I didn’t keep up with the ones I could have made.”

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