Tech’s Graduation Standards

By Sana Asghar

Brooklyn Tech is notorious for having certain standards students must meet in order to graduate and receive a coveted Brooklyn Tech diploma.  In addition to the academic requirements already present, Technites have extracurricular requirements that need to be fulfilled at school in order to graduate. A minimum of 50 hours of community service outside of the school or through specified club activities and a minimum of 32 points earned through participation in Tech clubs, teams, and/or participation in designated school related events is required to graduate.

Many students wonder about the necessity of these extracurricular activities. Do we really need 32 points and 50 hours? What’s the advantage of having a Brooklyn Tech diploma? This remains a controversial topic.

When asked about this situation, Ann Li ’17 states, “I personally think clubs are a great way to participate in activities that interest you with others who feel the same. However, I feel that joining a club in order to graduate is unnecessary. People will naturally join clubs even if it wasn’t required of them. People may have other commitments or are simply not interested. Forcing students to partake in clubs is a little unfair since this should be a decision for students to make for themselves.”

Annie Yang ’17 agrees and claims, “I would say that while extracurricular activities are helpful to some extent for others to connect with people with similar tastes as them, and is not a waste of time, I don’t think we should make clubs mandatory and as a requirement to get the Tech diploma, since not everyone wants to stay out late.”

I’m sure that the majority of the Tech population could sympathize with these students. Even though having clubs is a fun way to meet new and interesting people, it shouldn’t be required because not everyone wants to stay late at school, since it can lead to trouble getting home. This is especially true during the winter season, when the sun sets earlier than usual.

Additionally, getting a Brooklyn Tech diploma is not that different from getting a normal high school diploma, so a stamp on your diploma doesn’t make much of a difference.

However, despite these policies being disliked by some of the student body, the standards to graduate at Brooklyn Tech are here for our benefit, meaning they should probably be fulfilled.

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