Tech Swim Takes First Place at Finals

By Jasmin Wang


Brooklyn Tech’s swim team finished first in the city. The swimmers started their season with 52-46 against Fort Hamilton. From then on, the boys won every meet with an average of 13 points ahead. During opens at Flushing Corona’s Pool, the boys placed first in seven events out of eleven which is quite an accomplishment. Seven boys made it to states to compete among the fastest swimmers in New York State. The swimmers include: Elan Oumarov, Glen Pesola, Alan Li, Aron Zhang, Jeffrey Wong, Jake Hollander, and Veniamin Konovalov.

Their last meet was against Stuyvesant for first place in PSAL swimming. The Tech sharks pulled away with a score of 58-36. The swimmers managed to win their last meet with thee most point difference throughout their whole season. The boys showed how efficiently they work under pressure.

Jeffrey Wong ’15, cocaptain said “our win against Stuy couldn’t have happened without Coach Swartz. He trained us well and pushed us to become the city’s champion three years in a row.”

Jacob Hollander ’15, cocaptain stated “I think we won because since the beginning of the season, we had one main goal and that was to win city championships. Once we got to the meet, all of our hard work was over and we were able to perform to the best of our abilities and ultimately beat Stuy.”

Elan Oumarov ’17 broke a school record for 100 fly with a time of 51.36 seconds. He said, “it was something that took a lot of work to accomplish, making it that much more rewarding.”

The boys trained hard this year with practice before and after school. Their dedication and vigorous training paid off at their last meet. Next year will be a battle of keeping their number one title for PSAL.

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