Redesign of Tech Gymnasium

by Richard Yeung

Recently, the first floor gymnasium was redesigned for the Brooklyn Tech community. The renovation includes a polished floor, a bright blue BTHS logo, repainted walls with blue and white stripes, as well as a welcoming “Home of the Engineers” sign. The gym was redesigned to promote a new sense of motivation for student athletes.

“Every time I step foot into the new floor, I feel brand new while playing basketball,” says Zhuo Biao Cai ’15.

Unlike the old gym, the new gym is refreshing and encourages safer precautions. The majority of Tech’s Physical Education teachers approve of the redesign. They believe that it will bring new successes to Brooklyn Tech athletics and instill within students a livelier spirit.

“I think the new first floor redesign is great,” says Jerome Brown, gym teacher. “I love the the designs that are implemented into the court.”

Gym teacher Maureen Malone shares,“I love the new redesign for the first floor gym. I think the design is really good and it gives a new color to the gym.”

Students also share similar, approving views.

Aysha Chaudhry ’15 says, “When I first stepped into the new gym, I was surprised at the new whole redesign. I like the big BTHS symbol in the center of the court. I also like the new sparkle on the floor. Everything looks really good together.”

“I look at the floor and see how it glistens and how fresh out of the box it looks. Without any doubts, it is a huge improvement from the previous floor design,” adds Cai’15.

Despite the positive vibes, a few Technites were dissatisfied with the redesign.

“I feel as if the whole redesign was not really necessary. Some of the colors don’t quite fit with each other well,” says Sihao Chen’16. “Overall, I just don’t really feel the satisfaction with the redesign. I guess one new thing that is nice is the new logo.”

Some, however,  believe that the redesign should have been extended to the second floor track above the gym.

Ultimately, with its clean, sleek look, the new gym provides an initiative to students to embrace their physical education experience and exercise more.


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