Girls’ Varsity Basketball Season

By Jasmin Wang


This season, the girls won 9 games and loss 7. Last year, the team had the same score as their current.  Basketball is a popular high school sport and Tech has faced many competitive schools such as Harry Van Arsdale Educational Campus and Canarsie Educational Campus. Tech lost two games to each of the schools. Nonetheless, the girls have performed quite well and are expected to win against Lab Museum United which is their last match. Tech is currently tied with Wingate Educational Campus in the league Brooklyn East A.

Rachel Gray ’15, co-captain said, “The hardest competition was probably Canarsie and next week we face Lab in the second round of playoffs which will be tough. Before the next game, we are practicing to limit turnovers and working the ball around. But the overall season has been a great improvement especially with such a young team and we’ve all really worked hard together as a unit and a family to play better.”

Karolina Hetesova ‘15, co-captain stated, “This basketball season was one I’ll remember when I go off to college. My season changed every year with a different coach so there really wasn’t consistency. But this year, everything came together slow and steady. We had some amazing players come up to varsity as freshman and sophomores. In the beginning, it was hard to find chemistry on the court, but we eventually bonded outside of practice and had two amazing coaches helping us connect on court. As far as competition, it was a long way up the mountain. The team that we had most trouble facing was Canarsie. They are athletic, skilled, and very fast. The two times we met up with Canarsie it was tough, the nerves were at an all time high because we knew their reputation. But with each quarter, we never gave up and kept cheering eachother on. We may not have won against Canarsie, but we grew as a team through each defeat or triumph that we encountered, making this season unforgettable.”

Jenny Zhao ’15 said, “I’m proud of how hard the entire team has worked this season, and I can’t thank coach Weiss and Orio enough for believing in us. I wish the younger players the best of luck and I’m sure they will make it far next season and hopefully when I come back and visit, they’ll be playing even better than they were this year.”

The last game will be at away at Lab Museum United’s gym on 2/25/15. All of Brooklyn Tech’s students are welcomed to support cheer on the team.

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