A Moving Experience at the Museum of the Moving Image

by Lucas Ardon

The Museum of the Moving Image is a hidden gem in the neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. Located just a block away from the Kaufman Astoria Regal theater, as well right across the street from the notable performing arts school of Frank Sinatra High School, and right next to the legendary Kaufman Studios, the Museum of the Moving Image fits right into the neighborhood that is rich with the arts and entertainment.

The museum’s exhibition includes an interesting and engaging lineup with a section devoted to Star Wars and Star Trek, a theater showing indie animation short films, an ever changing spotlight on a certain artist or historical event in movies, and even an arcade with classic video games.

Mohammad Islam’16 says, “Staying around playing the old games is my favorite thing to do there.”

While there are 3 floors to the museum, the third floor is currently closed as they are bringing in a new exhibit showcasing the hit show Mad Men starting March 14.

Kolea Ho’18 says, “I can’t wait for the new exhibit. As a fan of the show, I’m excited to see how the exhibit will turn out.”

Currently there is a small exhibition on the Paramount Studios, which was located in Queens from 1920-1932. The studio provided an escape from the rigid rules and clichés of Hollywood to which Yaejin Kim’17 says, “It’s an interesting part of the neighborhood’s history that I never knew about before.”

The museum is a great experience, especially for those wanting to turn toward the less chaotic but just as entertaining borough of Queens.

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