The New York Hall of Science Takes An Artistic Turn

By Lobsang Dolma

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Though it is usually known for its dedication to the sciences, on Saturday, November 29 the New York Hall of Science held an event that exhibited art.

Of course, these works of art are inspired by the study of the brain and neuroscience. This created a unique experience for visitors who were able to find harmony in both the knowledge of science and aesthetically appealing visuals.

Though the hallway was rather short, it still attracted many people, compelling them to stop and admire the educational artwork. The placement of the artworks was well planned because people had to pass through the hallway in order to get to the other side of the building.

The first picture shows a few cut fish heads and brains in various places on a shelf. It sounds a bit gruesome, but it is portrayed in an interesting manner that makes people reevaluate their thoughts on the composition of the brain. The next picture shows what appears to be a meal of a human brain. There are also some tools on the side such as tweezers and a pair of scissors. On the bottom, the description says that Eran Gilat, who is the creator of these works, was a neuroscientist and a fine art photographer. Gilat is proof that a person can pursue both art and science and produce something with synergistic enlightenment.

These two works of art are from his “Life Science” project in which his work usually incorporates scenarios which “contemplate issues of materialism and morality”. His works also include an “animal reminder” that takes a surreal approach.


Other works included a brain with flowers on it that attracted bugs, and another seemed to involve a setting in outer space with aircrafts. There was indeed praise for this part of The New York Hall of Science as it took a fresh turn blending art and science together.


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