The Festival of Lights Shines Brightly in The Big Apple

by Joselle Dizon


The world-renowned event The Festival of Lights made its debut in Brooklyn, New York for the first time on November 6th, 2014. The show has been held in several other cities, including London, England and Berlin, and has now come to The Big Apple to shine its bright lights for all to see. New Yorkers could not stop talking about the event on social media, even weeks before its first night. There were high expectations for this event, and, needless to say, the Festival of Lights succeeds in giving an entertaining and magical show.

The production was a big one. There was loud music, colorful signs, and an energized crowd of people.

The main part of the show was the 5-minute light expo. Green, red and white lights flashed on the walls of the Manhattan Bridge. The presentation featured blue and red lasers that were projected to the beat of the techno music that was being played. Purple spotlights circled a yellow star figure, which seemed to be the focus of the entire production.

Colorful light bulbs hung around the lampposts. Everything on the streets was decorated with a variation of lights, including the wires that hung between the posts. There were animations of floating objects which were projected on the sides of the bridge. Structures were placed on the ground under the bridge, all of which were covered in bright lights. The biggest of the display was on the right side of the bridge: a man sitting down on the ledge.

Although the displays were extravagant and interesting, the event was a bit chaotic in the sense that it lacked organization. There were not enough workers in the crowds to stop people from pushing one another, and there was a hazardous amount of wires on the ground, which posed the potential risk of people tripping.

The New York City Festival of Lights is an annual event. It is expected to return to the Big Apple in the fall of 2015, hopefully with more staff on the job to make each subsequent show better than the previous one.





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