The Dead Have a Lot To Say

By Ashley Chan and Lobang Dolma


The Walking Dead returns to AMC with a tumultuous fifth season. A lot has changed since The Walking Dead’s first season, which set the stage for what would be a record breaking cable series. Main protagonist Rick Grimes, portrayed by Andrew Lincoln, faces new challenges in the new season on top of reeling from the aftermath of the previous season.

He once again battles both his brutality and humanity while he also struggles to balance his responsibilities as a father and a leader, all the while trying to keep his sanity in check. With a newly independent son hardened by the hardship of raw survival and an infant daughter, Rick strives to protect his original family, as well as the one he forged with his fellow survivors.

The fifth season picks up right where it had ended with the season four finale, in which Rick and his group had been captured by the Terminus cannibals who deceived them by making their base seem like an harbor in the tempest of zombies. This just goes to show that there is indeed no sanctuary, or that the closest thing to it would be each other.

With new characters like former military sergeant Abraham Ford, portrayed by Michael Cudlitz, Rosita Espinosa, portrayed by Christian Serratos, and Eugene Porter, portrayed by Josh McDermitt, increasing the strength of the group, but also the tension amongst them, the path to surviving definitely becomes more elusive.

The group, especially the dutiful Abraham, suffers a devastating blow when Porter admits to having deceived them about having knowledge of a cure that would ultimately save the world from the apocalypse. Elsewhere, another main cast member, Beth Greene, portrayed by Emily Kinney, is forced to take on a mysterious new character without the aid of her allies.

So far, Season 5 of The Walking Dead has stayed on tempo with all the right amounts of drama and action that keep its viewers wanting more as they eagerly await the next episode. Tune in to watch The Walking Dead on AMC at 9 PM every Sunday.


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