The Beauty of a Book

By Ashley Chan

Written by one of the most subscribed to women on YouTube (with over seven million subscribers and one billion views), Michelle Phan’s long awaited book, “Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success- Online and Off”, has finally been published.

Phan, the founder of Ipsy (a beauty subscription service), FAWN (For all Women Network), and Em cosmetics, has created a wonderful manual filled with pictures and tips for all women of all ages. The book is far from disappointing, especially for women in a contemporary society where creativity facilitates unique appearances. The book is filled with basic beauty tips and tricks, digital “dos” and “don’ts”, a guide to modern manners and much more.

For girls at Tech, who come from all different backgrounds and have their own unique sense of style, this book may be very captivating and insightful. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look one’s best everyday, and this book encourages women to enjoy the way they look and become inspired aesthetically.

Phan also includes two personal chapters about her journey to find herself and about growing up and connects with her readers in an intimate way, as both author and reader have the mutual goal of honing in on their physical identity. In high school especially, girls may feel insecure about their appearance and stumble on the path to discover who they are, because they feel obligated to fit into the norms of society as much as possible. This book provides advice and comfort from the author and is ultimately an enjoyable read.

Even if you never heard of Michelle Phan or have never worn makeup, this book can still be helpful for when the time comes for girls to come to terms with who they are inside and out.

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