Taylor Swift: 1989 Album review

By Faija Fairuj

Taylor Swift is a renowned country singer, and with her new album, 1989, which debuted in stores on October 27, 2014, she also proves to be a renowned pop artist. Swift has always been the one to sweep the CMA’s by winning all the awards, but this time she won’t even receive a nomination because this entire album is pop. Swift showed a new side of herself, as the songs in this album are very upbeat, inspiring dancing and singing from even the most introverted of listeners. Swift has also once again incorporated the theme of overcoming a bad breakup in her music, thus reaching out to her audience more.

Of the many songs on the album, “Blank Space” has to be one of the best. This song has an amazingly catchy beat that will have you dancing in your seat and even on the subway. With this song, Swift decided to poke fun at herself, admitting to the fact that she indeed has had quite a few ex-lovers and that she’s on the verge of insanity with all of the drama and hardship she has faced that came with her relationships.

(Got a long list of ex-lovers

They’ll tell you I’m insane

But I’ve got a blank space, baby

And I’ll write your name.)

Another track that will have some of Swift’s old fans crying their hearts out is her new power ballad on the track called “This Love”.  It’s a slow song with a powerful message about rocky relationships; one that almost every girl can relate to

(But you were still gone, gone, gone,

Been losing grip, on sinking ships

You showed up, just in time.)

Overall, the album 1989 is the perfect transition for Swift’s musical endeavors. From country to pop, Swift demonstrates her diverse musical career as she continues to express the two sides of herself in the powerful form of music.

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