Joan Rivers Dies at 81

By: Sara El Roubi

For years, Joan Rivers has been entertaining generations with her sarcastic and witty remarks. She has played roles in many movies like Shrek 2 and The Smurfs,  as well as starred in many television shows. Her most recent project was Fashion Police, which airs on E!, a segment that discusses celebrity fashion.

Her extensive career unfortunately came to an end with her unexpected death on September 4, 2014. Her passing, on top of the passing of comedic legend Robin Williams, shocked many as they happened in the same year.

Rivers lost her life after a procedure that was performed at a Manhattan Medical Clinic. The procedure involved putting a camera in her throat to examine her digestive system, but during the procedure she was reported to have gone into Cardiac Arrest due to swelling in her vocal cords, which prevented oxygen from flowing into her lungs. She was then transferred to Mount Sinai Hospital and pronounced dead a week later.

Although her death seems to be due to complications from the surgery, sources have reported that the doctor in charge of the procedure was in fact a bit careless, to the point where, while Rivers was under anesthesia, he decided to take a selfie with her. However, this man was not the doctor in charge of her procedure in the first place. Instead, she was scheduled for the endoscopy with Dr. Lawrence Cohen. Also, a biopsy was performed on Rivers by an ear, nose, and throat specialist not certified under the law without her consent.

It looks like doctors and celebrities are once again in conflict. The death of fellow celebrity Michael Jackson back in 2009, like Rivers’ death, drives people to become more and more suspicious of the doctors that treat them.

Rivers was buried in Los Angeles, California, a fitting place for a bright star like her.


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