How America Warps the Media

By Brandon Wood

The vast majority of American news networks are privately owned and operated, allowing for separation from the state and having the ability to exercise freedom of speech.  However, could the financial pressures of a capitalist society be forcing our news sources in the wrong direction? Could the job of reporting factual unbiased news be corrupted by the drive to turn a profit?

The problem that arises with private ownership is private ownership. There is no government funding which means they have to generate their own revenue through selling copies and ad space. if they don’t make enough to break even each month, they will shut down. So, we end up with a conflict of interests, do we do whats right for the people or do whats right for the business?

For the business to survive, people need to buy the product and as a result many outlets have taken to attracting this attention is, unfortunately, though buzz words and panic mongering. In addition to these actions, some outlets tend to stretch the truths of some stories.

Mr. Dwyer, an AP Government teacher here at Tech says, “How the CBC handles things may be completely different from how a company like CNN or NBC would. The story you get depends entirely on the outlet or you get it from, or who’s delivering the message.”

A clear example of this is the contrast between how the CBC (a news source funded by the state) reported and displayed information and how many American news stations (privately funded) did.

One student ‘15, describes the American coverage as, “Everywhere you look, all you find are rumors and absolute garbage articles with no substance whatsoever. Most of it is just hype.”

To contrast that, one article by a reporter named James West described Canadian news reporting as “…a concise and fact-based version of fast moving events to viewers across Canada and the world”.

This is just one example, out of many more.

Reporting non-factual hype news can severely detriment a society, almost as severely as the censorship of media.

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