Brooklyn Tech’s Got Talent: Talent Show 2014

One of Brooklyn Tech’s all time favorite events, the annual Talent Show, came back for another year. Talent Show took place in the school’s auditorium on Friday, November 21, attracting hundreds of students and family members to witness the wonderful talents of Tech Engineers. The talent show has once again proved that our students are not only capable academically but also in dancing, singing, poetry reading, rapping, and instrument playing.

Andres Sarmiento ’15 and Ishmael Michel ’15 (Courtesy of Simone Yhap)












This year’s performances were filled with many passionate participants. However, it was Ishmael Michel ’15 who mesmerized the judges and audience with his soft but emotional voice. He not only claimed second place in his performance of “Deep Blood Red” with Andres Sarmiento ’15, but also first place with Brooke Samerson ’16 and Karelyn Philips ’16.

Despite dominating the show with his chilling performance, Ishmael remained humble and expressed his thoughts on the talent show. “This year’s talent show was very special because of the immense talent on that stage. It was like no other talent show. From the singing to the dancing to the rapping it was all different and unique.”

Syed Samin ’15, Isabelle Siegel ’15, and Saam Hassan ’15 (Courtesy of Simone Yhap)

Another amazing vocal group, Soul Rights, shared the second place prize with Ishmael and Andres. The group consisted of vocalists Isabelle Siegel ’15 and Saam Hassan ’15, and beat boxer Syed Samin ’15. They came together to perform a medley of Beyonce’s “Halo,” Frozen’s “Let it Go,” and Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”


In third place, seniors Elizabeth Avshalomov ’15 and Natalia Ryabenkova ’15 wowed the audience with a dance routine titled, “Dark Side.” They were completely in sync and showed a lot of emotion in their dancing to convey the picture of darkness taking over the light.


Another favorite performance was by Brian Abamonga ‘15 and Daphne Lee ‘15. Together, they performed Disclosure’s “Latch” and Ariana Grande’s “Love Me Harder.” Although he did not win, Abamonga was still very happy to be able to perform on a big stage. “I met a lot of great, talented people and I got to perform in front of a great audience.”

Daphne Lee ’15 and Brian Abamonga ’15 (Courtesy of Simone Yhap)









It was the last performance that was perhaps the most memorable. Jonathan Chang ’15 gave a powerful performance of Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us.” He was able to make the whole audience jump up and cheer. In addition, he provided everyone with glow sticks and everyone in the crowd threw them on the stage as he performed. It seemed chaotic, but everyone had an exciting and great time. In finding out that everyone loved his solo stage, Jonathan expressed his happiness and thoughts on his performance.

Jonathan Cheng ’15 (Courtesy of Simone Yhap) 

“I thought my performance was full of energy and hype. It was amazing having everybody cheering and waving their glow sticks around and throwing them, although, I didn’t plan for that. Like 98% of the words came out right. It was hard breathing after jumping around, so I sounded weird, but it’s okay because I think it went well. The ending was the best part since everybody stood up. My goal was to unify the school in a way and I think I helped do that. Tech needed some energy.”


When asked to describe the talent show in three words, he said, “Life-changing, hyped, and amazing.”


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