Brooklyn Fashion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

By Yuri Lee ’15

A dress that sighs with every movement, skirts swishing as one walks, and the tight bodices that show a woman’s figure defined the world of fashion for women in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. While fashion in modern society is more about expressing yourself, fashion back in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries reflected your social status.

Tech students can see the inspiring fashion of women in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in all of its glory at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Metropolitan Museum of Art  added to its Costume Institute dresses that were donated by the Brooklyn Museum from its own Costume Collection.

It’s an especially interesting collection, as Tech students can see not only dresses from famous European and American designers, but those from Brooklyn designers as well. Fashion was based off of style in Brooklyn; some designers even worked right on Fulton Street. These dresses represent the distinctive Brooklyn style that was defined by entertainment, arts, and fashion in the borough.

One can almost see the shadow that accompanied those who originally wore the dresses when exploring the exhibit. Merely blocks away from school, Tech students can envision the Brooklyn designers creating these works of art as they view the exhibit.

This collection will help Tech students see past Brooklyn society through the fashion of people from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This collection can be especially useful for those who are interested in pursuing a major or career in design.


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