Boys Swimming Defends City Championship Title

By Tana Siboonruang

For a second year in a row, Tech’s swim team has captured the City Championship title, beating their biggest rival, Stuyvesant High School, in the finals of both seasons.

Tech dominated with a final score of 62-39. However, those numbers do not truly capture the excitement of this meet. Tech went into this meet already down seven points because Stuyvesant had two divers competing, while Tech had none. Without Tech divers to compete against, Stuyvesant divers automatically took first place, with four points, and second place, with three points.

Before the meet officially began and during the team warm up, the Tech team hit a speed bump when Glen Pesola ’16 suffered a shoulder injury and was unable to compete. This was especially worrisome because he was supposed to swim in both relays and individual events.

Although Coach Derek Swartz had to make adjustments to the lineup, Tech was still confident about their chances in defending their title.

According to Coach Swartz, “Most good teams either have a few standout swimmers or a lot of depth, but what has separated us from the other teams in the city these past two years is that we have both. We have a lot of very talented individuals, but with hard work and dedication, the team became a very strong unit.”

The team did not let setbacks get into their heads and performed well. There were many standout moments in the meet. The meet started with a big victory for Tech. In the relay, which included Aron Zhang ’15, Elan Oumarov ’17, Alan Li ’15, and Captain George Tilneac ’14, won the 200 Yard Medley Relay by eight seconds with a time of 1 minute 37.72 seconds.

As the meet progressed, Tech continued to dominate. Alan Li’15 (2 Min 0.30 Sec) and Baraa Abdelrahman’14 (2 Min 6.86 Sec) took first and second place respectively in the 200 Yard Individual Medley. Captains George Tilneac’14 (21.88 Sec) and Michael Mecner ’14 (23.89 Sec) took first and third, respectively, in the 50 Yard Freestyle.

After the last event ended, the Tech team had made itself the City Champions for the second year in a row.

The Boys Team after their city championship win. Photo Credit: Alan Li
The Boys Team after their city championship win. Photo Credit: Alan Li

This win meant a lot to Mecner ’14, whose last season at Tech came to an end with this meet.

Mecner ’14 said, “After four years of hard work and practice, we as seniors, can say that we did it again a second time. We led to team to our second city championships and we are extremely proud of it.”

Coach Swartz also commented on the win. “Winning a second straight championship means everything to the team. We set the bar very high for ourselves, and demanded excellence. We all worked together to hold each other accountable so that we could achieve our goals. Winning last year felt great, but proving this year that all our hard work paid off by winning a second championship felt even better.”

8 thoughts on “Boys Swimming Defends City Championship Title”

  1. It’s pretty impressive that tech became city champions two years in a row. The article is a very good closing to the final meet of the swimming teams season. It kind of sucks that they lost points without even trying, when they had no divers to compete with at all. The article has very good structure and quotes from the members and the coach.


    Last year tech won the championships the first time ever for many years. To win again this year sets a nice streak going Swartz always pushed everyone to work hard and it paid off in the end. GO TECH SWIMMING!

  3. It’s amazing seeing Tech stepping up and defeat their biggest rival, Stuyvesant. The swim team is very determine and hard working. I am happy that the Tech swim team dominated against stuyvesant and won championship for the second time in a row. I hope they would continue winning next year.

  4. Joshua Avadyaev

    The current Tech swim team has clearly shown its dominance among the pack. Winning back to back is not an easy task. The fact that they have won two years in a row attests to the hard work and determination of the team as well as the school in general. Lets just hope that next years team can keep up the streak.

  5. Leonardo Flores

    I’m so proud of the tech swim team for keeping the title 2 years in a row. However, the team should make an effort to get some divers. It would be embarrassing if a loss was caused by 7 points due to the fact that we have no divers. Hopefully Tech will have divers next year and dominate even more.

  6. Before last year, our swim team has constantly lost to Stuyvesant so I think that it is amazing how Tech finally stepped up and defeated our rivals. I am happy that we won two years in a row but I also understand from my friends that Stuy’s team has lost its swimmers from last year who were the ones leading the team. Tech is lucky that the seniors graduated two years ago so this gave us the chance to win the championships! Overall, Tech is well known for its swim team and winning the championships proves that Tech is the team to beat next year! Hopefully we win again next year.

  7. The thing i like about Tech is that the school has many hard working teams. The people in the teams are all hard working and determine. I am glad to see that the swimming team became champions for the second year in the row. I hope they would continue doing well.

  8. The article is well written. It starts off with a good hook and the article maintains the reader’s interest. There are plenty of quotes and the sentence structure is decent. The photograph that the author provides goes very well with the article.

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