Girls Lacrosse Prepares for the Upcoming Season

By Alana Rettig

With the Girls Varsity Lacrosse season starting in mid-March, the team is wasting no time getting back into the sport.

“This year the team is preparing by having pre-season practice twice a week to focus on our speed, endurance, and agility and also fine tune the basic skills of the game such as throwing, catching, and cradling,” said Coach Anthony Cicolini.

“We are doing a lot of conditioning and running workouts on the indoor track,” said Melanie Butron ’14, a third-year player on the team.

The girls also dedicate time on the weekends to attend lacrosse clinics with CityLax. “This includes all-American college players that help coach them and give them advice to enhance their game,” added Cicolini.

Lacrosse is a new sport to Tech and most of the girls on the team had no prior experience playing it. Last year was their first year as a varsity team, and many of the seniors on the team have been with the team since the beginning.

“I joined the first year of the team, so I was able to see it through since the beginning and be able to develop with my team members at the same time. It seemed like a great sport and something to keep me active and engaged during the school year,” said Nicole Vento ’14.

“It was very rewarding to see how much all the girls on the team learned and retained the skills and knowledge about the game and actually put it into practice and games. Making the city championship last year as a first year varsity team and with a group of girls who never played the game was the proudest and most memorable event I ever had throughout my coaching career,” said Cicolini.

All of the girls on the team have high hopes for this season.

“I look forward to seeing how far the team can go this year, because last year we made it to the championships in our division, so I am excited to see what will happen this year,” said former player and current manager Mei Seva ’14.

“I hope we get to the division championships this year and win this time, but more importantly, I want to have another great year with all the girls before I leave for college,” said Vento.

“Lacrosse is an exciting sport and when I’m playing, it’s the only thing I’m focused on. Plus it’s a sport that most people don’t play so it makes me feel unique,” Butron said.

“The best part about lacrosse is that it is extremely gratifying in that I get to build up my athletic skill set and also form an incredible bond with my teammates on the field. I have such trust in the girls and knowing that they support me during the games is truly the best feeling,” said Vento.

The team is looking forward to another great season and to see if they can top last year’s accomplishments.

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  1. The girls lacrosse team is coming off a very successful season. They made the playoffs and ended making it to the championships in their division. They ended up losing in the end, but in their first year of competing there is a lot to expect from the team. Plenty to expect from a team that is up and coming and can only get better.

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