The Electrify Your Strings Dream Tour Performs at Brooklyn Tech

By Skye An

On December 11th, 2013 the school’s orchestra, jazz band, and choir collaborated with Emmy-winning composer and electric violinist, Mark Wood. Together they performed songs like “Any Way You Want It,” “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” and “Christmas Canon,” with a fantastic blend of strings, beats, and vocals that were both energizing and soulful.

Mark Wood along with his wife, Laura Kaye, a vocalist, and his son Elijah Wood, a drummer, were happy to be back in Brooklyn, or rather Brooklyn Tech, for another opportunity to take part in the school’s musical curriculum.

Mark Wood is not only a composer and violinist, but he is also an inventor and musical advocate. At the concert, Wood showcased his patented invention, the VIPER electric violin. Mark Wood signed this instrument, played by members of the orchestra.

Wood good-naturedly remarked that when he dies, these signed instruments would be “worth millions of dollars.”

The auditorium was packed with students, teachers, and parents all wanting to take a part in the event. In addition to the thrill of the concert, there were two exciting raffles that took place at the event. One raffle offered an autographed VIPER electric violin by Mark Wood. The other raffle offered two tickets to an event at the Barclay’s Center. The actual event the tickets were for was left unknown until the end of the concert, when the winner was announced. The wait was worth it. The winner of the Barclay’s Center raffle, David Tan ’17 received two tickets to see Pitbull and a second winner was announced to win two tickets to see Jay-Z.

The Mark Wood Experience was definitely a memorable one. These events allow students, teachers, and parents alike to enjoy the hard work, devotion, and talent within the community.

Kyonne Rowe ’14, one of the vocal soloists, said, “I enjoyed working with Mark Wood and his wife, Laura Kaye, because they emphasized the importance of a fully committed choral body. That means that each member’s performance should be that of a lead-singer. If you commit, as an individual, it makes the overall choral experience much better. Everyone sings and everyone dances; extremely inclusive.”

Many of the performers were delighted by the execution of the event.

Julienne Zhou ’14, another vocal soloist, said, “The Mark Wood Concert turned out to be everything I expected it to be and more. Working with Mark Wood and his family was a very fun experience! I personally worked one-on-one with Laura Wood because I was a soloist in the concert. She taught me to embrace my own voice and turn whatever I sing into an embodiment of my soul.”

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