Student MetroCard Replacements No Longer Free

By Daniel Brumer and Richawna Cassie

Students will now have to pay two service credits each time they lose their MetroCard.

Students received their first free MetroCard on the first day of school. At the beginning of each school year, students are given only one free replacement. Lost cards have to be replaced by the school, which takes time and effort.

Parents are notified by email if their child needs more than one replacement. If the problem persists, the parents may have to come to the school to retrieve the new card for the student.

There have been numerous emails sent out to Brooklyn Tech students to advise them against losing or damaging their MetroCards. This year, the school has had to replace more than 1,000 student MetroCards since the first day of school.

Tech hopes to teach students to be responsible and give them an incentive to hold on to their cards in order to avoid having to give out more MetroCards than can be afforded. When the school replaces student MetroCards, it has to pay the monetary value of the card.

“The MTA issues specific numbers that the school must follow. It isn’t unfair to students who have been responsible over the past years, as school policies cannot target specific students. Students should be responsible, and it is on them to stay that way throughout Tech,” said Michael Edwards, the online administrator.

Recently, a student poll was taken involving the MetroCard replacement process. The results showed that a majority of the student body feels like their MetroCards are expendable, and they can always get a new one.

This is becoming a big problem for the administration. The school believes that students should treat these cards with responsibility and care, the same way they are expected to treat other school property.

MetroCards are an essential item for most students, as most of the student body cannot just walk to school.

Mary Nappo Zhen ’14 agrees, “The student MetroCard is quite important. Since I live an hour away and I don’t own a car, if I had to pay for a subway ride to and from school every day, I wouldn’t probably be going to Tech right now. I have only replaced my student MetroCard once in all four years of high school.”

Some students said the administration’s actions are excessive.

Alec Rulev ’14 says, “That’s not really fair, because in some cases, it is not your fault that you have to replace the card. It can get stolen.”

Elena Shur ’14 agrees. She commented, “It’s not fair to take away service credits. A student’s service credits have nothing to do with his or her student MetroCard. If it is not too expensive, I would rather pay money.”

Students should not leave during class or the cafeteria to replace a MetroCard. MetroCards are distributed in room 1W6 at the ends of eighth and ninth periods.

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2 Replies to “Student MetroCard Replacements No Longer Free”

  1. What you can use an NFC enabled phones to take public transportation, damage and loss should be lower but theft will be about the same as phones are a quick way to make a buck at the pawn shop.

  2. From the school’s perspective, if the metrocards no longer need to be provided, there will be a lot of money saved. However, from the students’ side, the cancellation of metrocards will have a wide range of reactions. Students who live close to Brooklyn Tech will not have a problem with this, but those that are forced to travel could be upset. Some students are not able to afford the transit fee, while others were willing to attend Brooklyn Tech only because the transit fee was subsidized. Cancelling the student metrocard replacements could have a stronger impact than what many people think.

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