Season In Review: Girls Varsity Swimming

By Karla Modesto

The Girls Varsity Swim Team ended its season with a splash. Although the team encountered significant obstacles early in the season, they embodied the true spirit of Technites and worked to come out on top.

Tech’s Varsity swimmers entered the season with high hopes and a hunger for victory. These expectations were quickly jeopardized when they were informed that Tech’s pool had not met the sanitation guidelines enforced by the state. The pool was shut down for a little over two weeks and the team was left without a place to train.

Without a pool to work out in, the team missed about two weeks of training. Realizing the difficult position they were in, Coach San Augustine and her team worked extra to make up for the lost time. This hard work paid off since, according to Coach Joy San Augustine, “The girls pulled some of their best times.”

The pride that came with surmounting preliminary obstacles was shared among the entire team. One of the co-captains Arnelle Allen ’14 said, “We didn’t have a pool for two weeks but still managed to become division champs so I think that means our season was amazing.”

The Varsity team ended their season on top of the Brooklyn division and placed third in the state. Coach San Augustine describes the semi-finals as the most memorable race, “The girls lost the meet by two one hundredths of a second but they pulled amazing times and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

The slight margin that cost the girls a place in the finals has not discouraged them in terms of next year’s season.

Kelly Low ’16 said that even though they ended the season exactly the same as last season the team expects to, “make states especially in the 200 free relay” next year. In order to assure this goal is carried out, Coach San Augustine plans on starting the season and training earlier because those two weeks lost could have made all the difference.

The end of this year’s season for the Girls’ Varsity Swim team came as a reward for everyone involved. With five strong and competitive swimmers graduating, Coach San Augustine is an anxious for what is to come next year. She is sure that the remaining girls will continue to excel and help integrate new members into their encouraging community. Although placing first would be ideal, Coach San Augustine is just as content with leading a team of girls that lean on each other and work together.

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