A Preview of the 2014 Yearbook, “One 4 All”

By Eric Dreises and Armend Lajka

Making a yearbook is not easy, especially when it’s for a graduating class of 1300. The yearbook is an essential part of any graduating class, and a school’s yearbook committee has the great responsibility of producing something unique and representative of the graduating class.

A poster of the yearbook theme, “One 4 All” that is hanging in  the SGO office. Photograph Armend Lajka
A poster of the yearbook theme, “One 4 All” that is hanging in
the SGO office. Photograph Armend Lajka

“Honestly, putting a yearbook together is not as easy as it may seem,” said Winnie Wen ’14, who is in SSR and is a member of the yearbook committee. The committee doesn’t just sit in a classroom taking pictures all day. “We all devote our evenings to work on the yearbook.”

On October 16, at the Senior Information Assembly, Matthew Torres, who is both the senior and yearbook advisor, introduced the yearbook’s theme as relating to the MTA system. The theme is being referred to as “One 4 All,” a play on of the graduating year, 14. The committee feels that the theme acts as a metaphor for how students connect with one another.

“When you make a yearbook theme, you have to consider what embodies the feel of the student body and the school’s place in the world,” said Torres. Torres and his yearbook staff went to a yearbook camp over the summer where they brainstormed and came up with “One 4 All.” This design won an award for best design at the camp.

Torres feels that there are many similarities between Brooklyn Tech and the MTA.  Tech is a major hub for students from all over the city by bringing together many diverse people with diverse interests under one roof.  Tech is very crowded and is essentially a city in itself.

The Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station, which is only a few blocks away, is a major transportation hub and likewise connects diverse groups of people.

“We were also kind of looking for this contemporary, cool, urban feel to the book, which the MTA theme provides,” said Torres. Everything in the book will embody this look, including how the pictures are placed, how the captions are written, the fonts, and the colors.

Torres noted, “We are really trying to keep everything in line with the yearbook. It’s the theme for the year.” The new buttons with the names of majors written on them in an MTA style are the first taste of this year’s theme.

The yearbook committee really wanted to do something different this year. Sharon Cai ’14, an SSR student on the yearbook committee said, “Yearbooks in the past have really tried to make their graphics tie back to the name of our yearbook, the Blueprint. We felt that was overdone and decided to do something new this year.”

So far student opinions of the design have been mixed. Cindy Qiu ’14 of the Biological Sciences major, feels that the theme is unique and does a excellent job depicting New York City.

However, some students have criticized the theme for being dull and cliché. The yearbook staff is not paying attention to these early criticisms though.

“You can’t please everyone and we’re not looking to,” said Cai. “We are looking to effectively document our times here at Tech and make the best yearbook possible.

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