Senior Advisor Torres Works Hard for Class of 2014

By Yicheng Huang and Kayu Ho


It is finally the senior year for class of 2014, and Matthew Torres has some plans to make it memorable.

Planning senior events and activities was not a simple task for Mr. Torres, the senior advisor. “I have to find out what kids want for this year, feedback for trips from the past, time available to take students out for trips, and stay within the school’s limits,” he said.

Mr. Torres is not the only one pulling off these events. Many groups, such as the student government, the student planning council, and the senior executives are also large parts of the process.

The senior advisor describes his job as “fun and interesting.” Though he also notes the extra responsibility he has taken on saying,  “Sometimes I have to come extra early like an hour earlier to start my day and I usually leave around 7 at night because I have to finish my work.”

There was a lot to consider when making the prices for each senior dues package. Since many students didn’t hand in their lunch forms, the senior dues will have to be paid in full price of either one-hundred fifty dollars for package B, which does not include the yearbook, or two-hundred fifty for package A, which includes the yearbook and many other Tech merchandise.

“The point of making these packages is to make them worth their prices; you get your graduation ceremony, cap and gown, the year book, and all these other useful stuff. We also have to account for the hidden prices,” said Mr. Torres.

Another important task for him has been working on yearbook. He is the current teacher of the yearbook journalism class, a senior elective in which students learn to write, and take photos of interesting events for the class of 2014.

Mahnoor Usman ‘14 who is a student writer in the yearbook class said, “It’s not just a one period class; we need to be constantly working on our materials throughout our days”.

The deadline for the yearbook is currently set to April of 2014. “Mr. Torres is fun, but he is strict about meeting the deadline, we should be able to finish the book a month before the deadline,” she says. Usman ’14 also takes pride in her work knowing that she has contributed to something during her senior year.

“Mr. Torres is a really fun person, I think this year is going to be really fun” said Bowen Liu ’14, who is in the Bio-Medical Engineering major. “I am looking forward to a great yearbook as well.”

With the hard work of Torres and the yearbook staff, seniors are looking forward to making the most of their final year at Tech.



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