Mishaps at Masquerade

On Monday, November 4, seniors boarded the Hornblower Hybrid, which departed from Pier 40 around 7 p.m. The Masquerade Ball was filled with costumes, “break” dancing and broken ceilings.

During this school event, Richard Reinoso ’14 sustained an injury on the dance floor, causing the boat to return to the dock.

Encouraged by the crowd circling him, Reinoso assumed a dancing position through a weird bodily contortion, this then caused his muscles to tighten. As he tried leaving the circle of people, he was pushed back, causing, as his doctor explained to Reinoso “a slingshot effect” that snapped a few of his tendons and ligaments in the shoulder area. 

Even with a dislocated shoulder Reinoso managed to keep a positive attitude.

“I am not even that upset about it. It happened about an hour and a half in so I had my share of the fun. I promise to make it up at prom.”

According to Matthew Torres, the Student Activity Coordinator and Senior Advisor, the boat returned to the dock for about ten minutes and left the shore again around 8:00pm. A chaperone accompanied Reinoso in the ambulance.

The ceiling above the dance floor also suffered some damage, through an unrelated incident. Students, presumably, fist bumping on the dance floor made unfortunate contact with the ceiling, making a few holes.

Despite these mishaps, seniors were not deterred from having fun.

Caseena Karim ’14 said, “honestly I had a good time, I was with my friends and that’s all that mattered.”

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