Kamalishe Hiraldo Energizes the Varsity Soccer Team

By Karla Modesto

Kamalishe Hiraldo ‘14, who is in the Law and Society major, got involved in Tech athletics during her sophomore year.  A talented athlete, Hiraldo has taken the lacrosse and soccer teams by storm.  In her senior year, Hiraldo is determined to make her mark.

Hiraldo discovered her passion for sports as a sophomore when she decided to try out for the new Girl’s Varsity Lacrosse team. She made the cut and established herself as a defender-midfielder. In their first year, the team went on to dominate their division.

Sarah Zarbail ‘14, another player on the Girl’s Lacrosse team, describes Hiraldo as a “focused and determined athlete.” Like Hiraldo, Zarbail has high hopes for the team this year and knows that Hiraldo’s skills are a great asset to the team.

During her junior year, Hiraldo met Peter Schmidt, a social studies teacher and coach of the Girl’s Varsity Soccer team. Hiraldo says he was the one who convinced her to join the team.

Although Hiraldo is a new player on the girl’s soccer team, she has made nothing short of a huge impression on the team. Her coach says,  “her presence has already had a positive impact on the team.” Schmidt goes on to say that despite the short time she’s been training, “Kamalishe has developed into a good soccer player and great athlete.”

Practice makes perfect, which is why Coach Schmidt has taken it upon himself to smooth out Hiraldo’s rough edges. While she is a natural born athlete, her soccer coach hopes to enhance her “ball control and defensive position.”

Just as eager to improve her game and enjoy the season, Hiraldo says soccer has forced her to work harder when it comes to organization and juggling her academic life. Sometimes her grades take hits, but Hiraldo isn’t one to be discouraged. She is always prepared to do the extra work and prove not only her athletic but also her academic prowess.

Aside from the wins her teams have accomplished, making new friends has been one of the joys of being on a team.  Hiraldo believes that her involvement in sports has given her the opportunity to “make friends I wouldn’t have made otherwise.”

Another advantage of being an athlete, according to Hiraldo, is the chance to interact with freshmen. Hiraldo enjoys being able to “help them on the field.”

Calleigh McLoughlun ‘17 looks up to her because of her skills and states, “she is a very good wing defender because she’s so fast.”

Hiraldo has proven to be a first class athlete and a model student. Her overall character is best summed up in the words of her soccer coach: “Kamalishe is a great athlete, she’s full of life and she’s hilarious.”

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