Common App Crash Stirs Up Concerns

By Vivian Zhang and Rachel Sim

The level of competition at Tech is higher that that at most high schools. Thus, when Common Application website, through which students submit most of their college applications, had glitches, many seniors were worried.

Nicole Vasquez ’14 of the Environmental major is among these worried seniors.

“This whole process is already stressful enough, and now I have to worry about things getting submitted correctly,” she complained. “I didn’t think it would cause this many problems.”

Vasquez tends not to procrastinate. She likes to get things done. “I’m just glad I’m not doing Early Decision or anything,” she said in relief. She added, “but it still worries me because what if this problem just drags on? I just want to get into college on time.”

Dewan R. Shabab ’14 of the College Prep major is also struggling to keep up with the college process. He has had problems with Common App but ultimately cites it as a valuable resource. “The Common App has been good to me, but linking the Common App with Naviance had become a problem for me.  My college adviser had to call [Naviance] up,” he says.

Shabab felt that although the glitches were troublesome at first, it’s not a huge deal, “considering how much [Common App] ends up helping us.”

Students aren’t the only ones stressed over problems with the Common App. Guidance counselors, including Nadia Ambroise, have been concerned as well.

“The biggest problem right now is that the students who aren’t citizens can’t upload their legal documents,” Ambroise explained. “About five students today have come in to tell me about this.” In hopes of remedying this problem she “emailed [Common App] and gave the students some contact information.”

Luckily, the guidance counselors have all been of great assistance to students during this stressful time.

Vasquez said, “I’m so glad that I can get help with this. My guidance counselor has been really nice and supportive.”

To cope with the Common App glitches, many colleges have extended their Early Decision and Early Action deadlines.

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