Brooklyn Tech: The Documentary

A documentary filmed in Brooklyn Tech will soon be released for everyone to watch. It will highlight the school’s prestigious STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education program and explain how it benefits the students.

The documentary will show how STEM education works in classrooms and explain to viewers the importance of STEM programs. The documentary looks to promote STEM education in other schools because few students in the United States are excelling in math and science. It does this by showing how Tech is educating its students through this program and how STEM education can be accessible to other schools.

​The film will feature a lead-in and introduction by actor Martin Sheen. There will also be interviews with students, including Emma Costa ’14; teachers, like Marc Williams, the Assistant Principal of English; and alumni.

Patricia DePinto, a film teacher for the Media Major, is producing the documentary in collaboration with the company Breakthroughs.

DePinto described it as “a very informative piece that shows where the country stands with math and science and STEM education and how Tech is at the forefront at pushing math and science in education. It also shows how STEM is beneficial to Tech students to prepare them for the real world.”

She explained how students, especially sophomores who will be picking their majors this year, can benefit from watching the documentary.

“Students watching it can learn that the alumni in Tech have a lot of pride in the school and that the education they get is [from] one of the highest rated schools in the country. A lot of students in the school probably don’t know about the majors offered and the documentary will highlight that. Sophomores can see the different majors visually.”

The film will be released on PBS in March. The exact date is still unconfirmed since it is still in the process of being edited.

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