Why Senior Gym Classes Got Cut: Another Technical Difficulty

By Jhanelle Thomas

Being a senior certainly has its perks. Not only are seniors one year closer to graduating, but they also have more freedom in selecting what classes they take, through English, math, science, and, most importantly, gym electives.

Senior gym electives are very dear to many students. After suffering through swim gym and outdoor track for three years, getting to choose one’s own gym class is not only refreshing, but also something to look forward to. However, for the class of 2014, this privilege has been revoked.

During the course selection process, senior gym was an option.  Some seniors were lucky enough to be programmed into their first, second, or third choices. Yet, when schedules were released on Daedalus, all seniors were scheduled for 12 GRADE PHYS-ED.

Many seniors thought it was a simple programming error. Unfortunately, they were wrong. As a result, most seniors ended up in gym classes that they were not originally programmed for.

Elijah Atkinson ‘14, who was originally programmed for Advanced Volleyball, was instead placed in regular gym, where he will have handball, basketball, weight training, and volleyball, but fortunately not track.

He says, “[it’s] the only reason I don’t care about not having elective gyms. If I had track, then I’d care.”

The removal of gym electives was not intentional.

Maureen O’ Hara, the Assistant Principal of Physical Education, Health, and Safety says, “Due to the budget and the way the programming office programmed the Physical Education Department, they were unable to schedule the senior elective classes.”

Neshat Benjir ’14 is glad there aren’t senior electives because “having yoga for regular gym totally compensates for having swim gym junior year. That was literally the worst.”

While some are pleased by how their gym classes turned out, others are downright upset.

Sam Bouiss ’14 said, “I wanted yoga and now I have outdoor track. I wanted to get yoga so I wouldn’t have to wear sneakers to school and now that I got stuck in outdoor track, I had to buy running shoes for a stupid class I didn’t want to take in the first place. What about the children who can’t afford running shoes? Does Tech think about them when they get rid of gym electives?”

Although nothing can be done about the removal of gym electives for the class of 2014, the fate of these electives remains unknown for next year’s seniors.

“That is dependent on the programming office. So that you know, I had all intentions of running those classes, but certain programming issues and decisions are out of my hands,” says O’Hara.

Cami Abron ’15 says, “We definitely want senior electives. I’ve heard a lot of kids talk about how fun it will be for them to finally be able to choose a gym class that they care about.”

If there’s one thing I learned from my years at Tech, it’s to be prepared for some disappointment. So heads up class of 2015, don’t get your hopes up.

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