The Ultimate Extracurricular: Frisbee

By River Bunkley

With over 200 clubs, teams, and organizations, many have remained unknown to a majority of Technites for years.

A club that’s been flying under the radar is the Ultimate Frisbee Club. The Ultimate Frisbee Club, put simply, plays ultimate frisbee.

Jack Killcoyne ’14 started the Ultimate Frisbee Club when he was a freshman and has watched it grow over the years.

Killcoyne has been playing frisbee for about six years but only began to play more consistently after he started the club.

“I started the club in my freshman year; it was one of the first things I did. I started it because I wanted to leave a legacy in Tech. My brother had been captain of the Bronx Science team. I like being president of mine.”

Advised by Spanish teacher Randy Levadas, Ultimate Frisbee is a yearlong club that meets Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Fort Greene Park.

Its goal is to not only play frisbee but also to teach all those who want to learn how to play. Through a variety of activities and scrimmages, the club allows each member to develop and improve his or her ultimate frisbee skills.

Alex Parks ’13 has been on the team since it started. “I’ve gotten a lot better at frisbee since I joined … you can learn something from every member of the club.”

With about 20 eager and consistent members who’ve been there since the club’s start, the club has become a family. Parks says what he’ll miss most is the great friendships he’s made from frisbee.

Another unique part of the Ultimate Frisbee Club is that, unlike official PSAL teams, both male and female students play together. Although the club is mostly dominated by its male membership, Michela Rynczak ’14, who joined at the beginning of this year, notes that about four girls show up to the biweekly meetings.

“Jack really wants everyone to play and takes the club really seriously, completely willing to stop and make sure everyone knows what they’re doing, which makes for some pretty good leadership and fair play. Girls are welcome, definitely but it takes the guys a while to warm up to you, some of the guys are better than others about including you.”

Ultimate Frisbee Club is a perfect example of how easy it is to start your own club at Tech, so if you love to do something and there isn’t a club already, make it.

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