By Eileen Cruz

With the school year slowly coming to an end, it is an appropriate time to consider the challenges we face as Technites.

The number one problem is the large workload. Students are often overwhelmed by their courses, and many have been driven to what seems like insanity.

Faraha Mamun ’16 feels stressed because “Tests, projects, and deadlines seem to all come one after another.”

English teacher Justyna Kret says she is “taken aback by how little sleep” students get at night. She tries to talk and listen to her students as much as she can. “Some don’t go to bed until two in the morning.”

Another problem is the lack of attention certain subjects get due to the emphasis of certain subjects throughout the school.

Kret feels that “English suffers” due to students putting more effort and attention into more stressed classes like math and science. “It is as if it is left as the last to do.”

The population of the school is also a contributing factor to student anxiety.

Guidance counselor Christopher Laccarrubba feels that “while some students thrive in a large environment, others are challenged by it.”

Aamnah Khan ’14, president of REVALUATE, feels that “with a school population of over 5,000 students, it is easy to feel lost, depressed, resentful, and helpless.” Many of these same reasons led students to found the new club, REVALUATE.

The purpose of REVALUATE is to “reevaluate” the struggles students face every day. This is all part of an effort to improve student lifestyles. It is intended to serve as an outlet, not only for stress, but also for anything going on in one’s life.

Kret said that it is best “to try and find an outlet” for any compiled worries.

Mamun feels the same way. “Activities, sometimes outside of learning, are great to get involved in because you use your brain in a more creative and colorful way.”  She feels that during these extracurriculars she is freely expressing herself while making new friends, which “makes stress easier to deal with.”

Laccarrubba feels that “all students should join a sports team, or be physically active in some way.” He also said that if students feel they can’t handle it, “they should go to a guidance counselor. Those suffering tend to bottle it up, but we are always here to help.”

Students welcome any distraction from the constant torrent of assignments and deadlines, and even the overwhelming student population. Whether it is a club, team, event taking place, or talking to a guidance counselor, students need to reevaluate their lifestyle and start having more fun.

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