Game of Thrones Takes New York: HBO Exhibit Gives a Behind the Scenes Look

By Erjona Pecci

Only one door separates you from the enticing world of Westeros. That, and a very long line of people who also love the HBO series Game of Thrones.

Time Warner Cable and HBO have brought the Game of Thrones Exhibition to West 57th at no cost to visitors.

This exhibit, the first of its kind from HBO, focuses on the major houses and characters of the popular show. The content is set up like a museum.

Upon entering, one immediately sees a large map of Westeros, illustrated by hand by the show’s lead graphic artist, Jim Stanes. The exhibit that follows focuses on key characters from five of the noble houses: Stark, Targaryen, Lannister, Baratheon, and Greyjoy. Many of the props from the show’s first two seasons are on display, everything from Daenerys’s dragons to the Sansa’s dolls.

Also on display are costumes from the show. The intricate designs of the dresses worn by the ladies of Westeros are simply amazing. The costume designer of the show, Michele Clapton, embroidered these details on by hand. Her hard work is made obvious when one observes the details on all the dresses.

Seeing the actual costumes also serves to teach the observer about the real people behind the characters. Peter Dinklage, who plays the beloved Tyrion Lannister, is larger in size than one would expect. Since his character’s dwarf qualities are emphasized in the show, viewers could assume that he is very small. His costumes prove otherwise.

The weaponry is another key feature of the exhibit. The weapons used on Game of Thrones are conceived, designed, and forged by the show’s armory department in Belfast, Ireland.

The crowns from the show are also a main attraction. King Joffery’s, Robert’s, and Renly’s crowns are displayed in glass cases. In addition, King Joffrey’s crossbow and full suits of armor are displayed as if they were real artifacts of the ancient world.

Also in the exhibit is a whole wall dedicated to art made by fans of Game of Thrones.

Mark Viteri ’14 said, “The diversity of the illustrations shows how each fan interprets things and people of the show differently. The effort made to display some of the fan art is a respectable gesture made by the people behind the creation of the exhibit.”

The exhibit is divided into different sections based on the Houses of Westeros. The Stark section displays the entire Stark family. The Targaryen exhibit shows the actual dragons and the costumes worn by Khalessi. The House of Lannister section is surrounded by gold and red. There are also sections dedicated to the Night Watchers and the Wildings.

The exhibit also features interactive components. The Blackwater Bay Interactive Experience gives fans the opportunity to virtually participate in the epic Blackwater Bay Battle. Fans can use a crossbow and arrow, but everything else is digitized. In the simulation visitor’s archery skills are tested by how many ships they can sink.

In addition to reliving the Blackwater Bay Battle, visitors can sit on a replica of the Iron Throne.

If you are a diehard Game of Thrones fan, this exhibit is made for you. Even if you are not, the props and costumes on display are worth the trip and the wait.

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