The Inconvenience of January’s Fake Bomb Threat

By Muhamed E. Rahman

On January 30th, all persons in the building were evacuated by school officials and security guards when the school received a bomb threat from an unidentified caller. It turned out to be a prank call, but many students were affected anyway. The call was received after school hours and at the same time the boy’s varsity basketball team was to tip-off for a game against Brooklyn Law and Tech.

Anthony Bueno ’14, a member of the team, said, “We were warming up before the game and people were coming into the gym when, out of nowhere, coach and the security guards tell us to leave the school.”

Team manager Gurjot Nijjar ’13 added, “Both basketball teams were upset that not only was the game cancelled, they had to stand outside in the cold weather with only their uniforms on.”

Along with the basketball game, other afterschool programs and activities were going on. This included track team practice and the cheerleader warm-ups. All of these athletes were forced to remain outside the school in the elements.

The track team had been running outside that afternoon.

“We were running up Dekalb and a teacher stopped to tell us that the building had been evacuated and we couldn’t get back in,” said Pedro Millard ’15.

Track team member Jane Wu ’16 said the “cheerleaders were outside without anything but their uniforms and track people had shorts on.”

Getting locked out of the school in the bitter cold and unrelenting wind was just the start. Many of the evacuated students were left completely uninformed to what was going on..

“There were rumors that it was a fire drill,” said Bueno.

Cheerleader Sally Back ’13 said, “First we heard that it was a small fire, so we thought, whatever we’re going to go back in soon.”

When news finally got out to the students outside of the school that it was a bomb threat and that they weren’t allowed to go back into the building, the complaints started to pour in, as most of the athletes had left their things in the school’s locker rooms.

Back summed up the thoughts running through every single one of those students’ minds when she said, “We heard that it was a bomb threat and that’s when we started getting worried. Not because of the bomb or anything, but because we left all our stuff in the school lockers. Phone, Metro Card, clothes, money, and all our other stuff.”

After thirty minutes of standing outside, students and visitors were told that it would take several hours before it was clear for people to come back in to the building and retrieve their belongings.

Everyone was given Metro Cards that would expire the next day so they could go home and collect their things the following day. No one wanted to wait for the search to be over, so quite a few disgruntled and cold students went back home with nothing but their uniforms and a new story to share.

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