Tarantino Takes on Slavery with a Campy Twist

By Erjona Peci

“Django Unchained” chronicles a slave’s life in the American South. The film focuses on how Django goes against all social norms to become a merciless bounty hunter. If you can stand to watch a realistic, yet somehow humorous adaptation of slavery, and all the blood and gore that follows; Django is the film for you.

The film starts with Django (Jaime Foxx) being bought by a dentist (Christoph Waltz). Little does Django know is that the dentist is actually a German bounty hunter that needs help finding the Brittle Brothers.

A close friendship develops between Django and Dr. Schultz. The tight knit relationship leads to Schultz helping Django find his wife on Monsieur Candy’s Plantation.

The film’s blood and gore defines “Django.” Quentin Tarantino uses the blood to create effects that raise the film to a superior level of cinematography.

Despite the heavy nature of the material, Tarantino manages to be brutally hilarious at times, which has offended some audiences. Famous director, producer, and actor Spike Lee finds “Django” disrespectful. The excessive use of the n-word was arguably discomforting at times. However, Tarantino wanted to show the violent reality of this society. Slavery was not a pretty matter.

This is not Tarantino’s first film in which he depicts traditionally horrible events in history with a humorous spin. “Inglourious Basterds” deals with Nazi Germany and is the perfect example of how Tarantino can be realistic but hilarious at the same time.

Carol Chau ’14 said “‘Django’ had less characteristic close ups and editing as seen in ‘Kill Bill.’ However, the film was still really good.” “Kill Bill” is another campy, violent Tarantino film.

Adding to the Tarantino’s strong direction, the actors’ performances are top notch. Christoph Waltz is hysterical as the educated, elocutionary, dentist/bounty hunter.

The script is a major reason as to why “Django” is so good. Lines like: Dr. King Schultz- “How do you like the bounty hunting business?” Django- “Kill white people and get paid for it? What’s not to like?” really capture the vengeance the film portrays.

“Django Unchained” received only one major Oscar, with Waltz winning for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Tarantino, however, did receive the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay.

Although the awards season may be over, controversial films like “Django Unchained” will be a continuous topic of discussion.

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