Seniors Show School Spirit and Celebrate their Final High School Year

By Dakota An

The Joker roamed the halls, twins in identical clothing wandered around, and Pedobear gave out candy. From February 1st to March 8th, seniors took part in the annual Senior Pride Days. Every Friday for the last six weeks, the graduating Class of 2013 will be participating in various themed events that add some excitement to their final year of high school.

Since two seniors from the Class of 1992 proposed these events to Joseph Kaelin, the Coordinator of Student Activities, Senior Pride Days have become an important tradition for soon-to-be graduates. Initially it was known as Senior Pride Week, with all the events crammed into one five-day period, which culminated in a dance. Deemed as too disruptive, Senior Pride Week was distributed throughout the Fridays of several consecutive weeks.

Matthew Torres, currently in his first year as Senior Advisor, believes the events are a great way to generate more Senior pride. “I think it’s great, as long as students remain appropriate and respectful.”

Even though the events are intended to let students have fun, a few restrictions have been put in place. Participants in the Senior Pride Days must abide by Department of Education clothing regulations, which forbid revealing and offensive clothing. Furthermore, masks are not allowed for security reasons. Torres notes that the dress code is in place to prevent any conflicts or issues.

The Senior Pride Days are, for the most part, planned and organized by the Senior Council. Torres and Kaelin take part in the process, as advisors to the students. They make sure the Council’s plan are practical and help execute the event. They help by providing sufficient advertising and by making details understood on Senior Info Day and in the Senior booklets.

Roni Rahman
On February 1st, and the subsequent four Fridays, seniors celebrate in costume in all hallways and classrooms of the school.

Though not opposed to adding new Senior Pride Days, Torres has mentioned that many Senior Pride Days remain due to past popularity. Another positive aspect of Senior Pride Days is that they are events that all seniors can participate in, because they are free. Furthermore, the requirements and descriptions for the events are broad, giving students freedom to take part in a variety of different ways. “There’s something for everyone,” says Torres.

As a participant in the Senior Pride Days,  Artem Karapetyan ’13 sees the events as opportunities for seniors to “show some spirit and prove that even though [they] work hard, [they] also know how to have fun.” He added that these events are a way  for the senior class to show the underclassmen how to enjoy their time in school.

For Superhero Day, Karapetyan ‘13 went through a considerable transformation, shaving his head and beard to become the character Kingpin from the Marvel comics. He could not alter his look again in just one week, so he decided to be twins with his Electrical Engineering teacher, Mr. Anthony Pigis, for Twin Day. Karapetyan ‘13 wants to take part in every Pride Day possible. He dressed as Zach Galifianakis, a celebrity that he has often been compared to by his friends, for Hollywood Day.

Roni Rahman
Seniors dressed as super heroes for the February 1st Senior Pride Day.

Karapetyan ’13 believes that events like these are needed for the rising graduates. “Most of us have gotten into at least one college, and these days make us want to go to school and participate.”

He goes on to say that, aside from graduation and prom, the Senior Pride Days are among the more popular events planned for seniors. Alongside the official, planned days, there are also unofficial Senior Pride Days. These include Cross Dress Day, Anime and Cartoon Day, Mean Girls Day, and Pajama Day.
Karapetyan ‘13 said Superhero Day and Cross Dress Day are his favorites, explaining that “people go all out for those days; it’s really cool to see people having fun being seniors.”

Karapetyan ‘13  has also expressed his interest in adding a “Senior Brand Day” to the list of events.  “I feel that we all live by the things we buy, so if we could show off our favorite brands that would be cool.”

For juniors such as Mohamed Elsaid ’14, Senior Pride Days are merely a year away. Like many of his classmates, Elsaid has begun to see what it will be like as a senior next year.

“My take on senior pride day is [that] it is a day where seniors can show off their creativity and have fun with each other. But sometimes the seniors can become a little bit crazy when it comes to what they wear and what they decide to ‘show off.’”

Roni Rahman
Seniors in the cafeteria congregate in the center section for a group photo.

Nonetheless, Elsaid ’14 looks forward to the events, and plans to participate. “I’m going to participate, because to me, [a] Senior Pride Day is like having a party inside of school.”

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