Fashionable and Show-Worthy

By Wendy Woo

Are you what you wear? Do those bright red pumps express your bold personality? Do you prefer the good old oversized t-shirt with ripped jeans?

“Fashion is just another form of self expression,” says Ilana Deyneko  ‘13, president of Brooklyn Tech’s Fashion Club.

The Fashion Club meets every Tuesday after 9th period in room 4N4. Members work hard all year planning for the annual end of the year Fashion Show, where students get the opportunity to showcase their unique designs.

One returning member modeled her own navy one-shoulder draped dress last year for the Fashion Show. The fashion club gives students the chance to make whatever they want, eventually getting to see their own designs come to life.

“People are definitely not joining the Fashion Club for club credit, but for the experience; they truly enjoy what they’re doing,”  points out Ross Grosshart, the club’s adviser.

This enjoyable experience is likely the reason for the club’s increasing membership, which has nearly quadrupled, currently with 43 members compared to  last year’s ten. More members means a bigger plan for this year’s Fashion Show.

Deyneko hopes to incorporate fundraising with this year’s Fashion Show, which is expected to be on June 5.

“We want to try to make it a bigger deal and raise some money,” she says.

Something the club will definitely do differently this year is to promote the idea of being unique and using different techniques in their designs.

“This year, we are trying to make all the designs unique and showcase only the self-made outfits designed by our members” says Grosshart.

Everything shown on stage will be designed and made by members of the Fashion Club, as opposed to last year, where some members modeled their favorite dresses.

“We want it to be interesting and more of a show than just having people walking across the stage, but most importantly, we want our members to be proud of their work and have fun,” added Deyneko. “Fashion is a creative art process.”

Anyone who is not in the Fashion Club but wants to help backstage during the Fashion Show is welcomed. Those who are interested in doing makeup, hair, or just modeling for the Fashion Club can stop by during any of their meetings.

“We want to have a complete performance this year,” says Deyneko.

The theme for this year’s Fashion Show is kept as a secret, and will be revealed during the show, so make sure to come check it out.

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