The Pride of Tech Football

By Muhamed E. Rahman

James Gales ’13, Thomas Plonski ’13, and Kyvaune Brammer ’13 are three names that probably sound familiar to the average Tech student. It has been three years since these superstars walked through the doors of Coach McKenna’s office with their medical forms in hand. None of them expected that they’d be as good as they are now. Sure, they knew they were going to give it their all, but never in their wildest dreams did they expect to get this far. Furthermore, their individual successes are not going unnoticed by important people and places who can change their lives for the better.

All three of these outstanding young men have received a slew of scholarship offers from D1 Football colleges.

The 6’1” wide receiver Gales, ran for an astonishing 1,067 yards and 14 touchdowns last year. Not surprisingly, he has been contacted by quite a few prestigious schools, including Yale and Princeton, and has drawn interest from University of Connecticut.

Brammer’s situation is similar, having been contacted by the same Ivy League programs. But unlike Gales, Brammer has verbally committed to Fordham University. Brammer is a perfect example of the modesty these three stars displayed coming into the football program.

“Coming into Brooklyn Tech, playing college football was barely a thought in my mind. The past four years with the Tech football program have helped shape that distant thought into a reality.” In time, of course, he knew the path he would be taking. “Going into my junior season, earning a scholarship was a goal I had set for myself. After the season ended and I received my first offer, I was elated. It was a great feeling to know the hard work had paid off,” said Brammer.

Brammer, the 6’3” receiver, was tied with a Lincoln High School receiver to be a league leader with six touchdown receptions. He also experienced a breakout game last year in which he had seven catches for 166 yards.

Plonski, a 6’6” athlete who even towers over many teachers, couldn’t help but get the recognition that he did. It took longer to get his offers than he or many of his fans believed it would take, though. When asked about his scholarship offers, he said, “I knew that this is what I had been training for years to accomplish. It was more surprising how long it took for me to actually receive the scholarship offers. I had been going to camps and showcases for months and had been beating all-Americans numerous times.”

Even so, his high football IQ and fearsome size eventually got him offers from FCS schools, including Old Dominion, Wagner, Marist, James Madison, Fordham and Villanova. After losing in the quarterfinals of the playoffs this season Plonski revealed his decision. The defensive end chose the prestigious Villanova over the multitude of offers that he received.

These three rising stars are the first group of players from the football program to receive scholarship offers in a while. Hopefully, younger players will emulate their success, and strive to leave as big an impression as they did.

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